Llangollen, Wales – United Kingdom

After we left Dublin, again with not enough sleep, we caught the ferry to Wales. This was a 3.5 hour ride and we just chilled out, lots napped and I tried to but without much success.
After we arrived in Wales, we went to the town with the longest name in the world: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. In welsh this means “the church of Mary in the hollow of the White hazel near the fierce whirlpool and the church of tysilio by the red cave” as if that isn’t a mouthful on its own! We stopped by here for a few photos with the sign and a look around the shop and carried on to Llangollenwharf.
We checked into our hotel the “hand hotel” which was old and backed on to the cemetery.
We walked through town to the canal where a horse drawn boat took us for a cruise up the river. It was so peaceful and relaxing and a lovely afternoon out. The landscape is so green, and we could hear birds and ducks. We passed a few families of ducks, and I noticed one “adopted” duck who was white but definitely a part of the rest of the brown duck family.
Afterwards on our way back down we saw an old steam train chug through town. We wandered through the few open shops in town and then through the cemetery itself behind our hotel. I found an old headstone whereby a brother and sister only 2 and 4 lost their lives only 4 days apart and it made me wonder what illness took them, and as a reminder as to how lucky we are in today’s society to have moved beyond death from minor illness. We also went into the church and the organ was playing but I couldn’t see anyone playing it.

One of the girls with me wondered if backing on to the cemetery meant our hotel was haunted so as we got ready for dinner she did some googling.
We went to dinner in an old corn mill on the water and had a lovely meal, by which most of the conversation was consumed with the ghost story findings of our hotel that appeared on Google. A few of our group were terrified and of course that meant we had an easy target for the ghost stories (eg at one point we convinced one guy that the waitress he was speaking with was a ghost and the next time she came back he grabbed her hand to make sure she was real)! That had us in stitches and we laughed for most of the dinner. Google told us of a few specific haunted rooms and that there is no room 13, only a closed door telling you not to enter. Also Google says that 15 is quite haunted and also the organ in the hallway outside of room 15, backing on to the locked “13” that isn’t named. Of course, I was staying right in the middle in 14 and noticed the “13” door on my way back in! A few people asked the owner about haunted rooms etc and she said to help people sleep better, no one should worry but she will tell us specific rooms in the morning!
I wasn’t too concerned though and I successfully lived through the night with no ghost attacks. Others however didn’t get much sleep after all of our stories at dinner!
The next morning the owner kept her promise and apparently it was in fact my room, 14, and above in 28 that are the most haunted. She’s got a report from a bunch of mediums who came to film a ghost stories segment for their TV show but it hasn’t been aired yet, but she gave us a copy of her notes on their findings.
As we lived to fight another day, we had breakfast and jumped on the bus to head to Cardiff for our final night on tour!

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