Cliffs of Moher and Killarney – Republic of Ireland

Leaving Galway we headed down to the Cliffs of Moher. Apparently a scene from Harry Potter was shot there but I haven’t seen the movie so I couldn’t tell you where exactly. Our stop here was one of the only times I’ve seen sunshine in the last few weeks and it was a great view! The cliffs were amazing and the ocean was beautiful and blue. The wind was strong and would blow gusts so strong it helped push you along while you were walking and almost blew my sunnies off my face at one point.

We stayed here for just over an hour and wandered up one cliff and then the other which had a small castle tower on top of it, but that cost extra money to go in to so I didn’t do it.
We had a roadside service station stop for lunch and carried on to Killarney.

We wandered through some of the town and headed to our horse and cart ride. Our trusty steed for the afternoon was Silver and the man behind the reins was John. I sat up front with John, and one other passenger and the others were in the back of the cart. We rode through the streets to the national park only open to those on foot or jaunting as we were.
We clip-clopped through parts of the gardens that were well maintained and past some lovely old houses.

John was a funny Irish guy with a great sense of humour. He was telling us about the history of the place and a would throw in these one liners that just made us laugh. For example he was pointing out the deer in the park, and told us we have “2 types of deer here in the park…. the male and the female” and “this is the (insert river name here)… And it’s the same river on both sides the bridge”. He was good value, but some of my fellow topdeck family had us in stitches even more so (“are we still in the gardens” after being back on the streets for 5 mins; and “can horses go backwards”)?!

We made it through to Ross castle that stood on the edge of a loch. My grandmother is a Ross and it reminded me of her, despite having English heritage (not Irish). It was really pretty to have the boats on the loch in the background of the castle. We wandered around there briefly and Silver headed us back into town.
We wandered a couple of shops and then most of us had dinner at a local restaurant before the walk home.

The time in Killarney was brief but I liked it. It was a very green town and I enjoyed the horse and cart ride out to the castle.
The next morning we had an early start to head to Blarney and on to Dublin!

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