Bristol, England – United Kingdom

As I arrived in Bristol, I started walking to my hostel. The path was bumpy, and sometimes cobblestoned which meant for a difficult walk with my suitcase! The apparent 12 minute walk was indeed not so, and took more like 20 mins as I walked up and down hills almost tripping over my suitcase countless times as it jolted to a halt when the wheels hit rises in the pavement.

I finally made it and checked in, and went for a quick wander by the canal outside my hostel. The sun was shining and people were sitting by the side of the canal drinking beer and eating and laughing. Boats went by and one had the “jaws” teeth painted on the front of it.

Markets were dotted around and the place was bustling. Restaurants and swanky Cafes lined the opposite side of the canal. I headed to the supermarket however as this hostel had a self catering kitchen and also because I spent way too much money in Manchester, and needed to really cut back!

While eating my microwaved Indian curry for dinner in the hostel I met a nice guy and we got chatting. He was Scottish but had been living in Bristol for a while and told me a few good places to see the next day. He also offered to show me around some of the city the next day.

I had a lazy night and a lazy morning the next day, and met up with him around lunch time. He took me through the city and pointed out a few things. I noticed there were lots of parks in Bristol, it’s a very green city. He pointed me in the direction of the suspension bridge via Clifton village and I thanked him and carried on alone. I walked up the hill and through Clifton which is like the trendy area of town, with hipster Cafes dotted all around. I carried on and made it to the bridge which had lovely views over Bristol. I also saw a small castle type building on top of a hill overlooking the bridge so I headed up there. The building was the observatory but the hill contained a large park and some even better views, so I took a few snaps.

As I started to head back it started to rain but having been caught out in Manchester, I was prepared with my umbrella! I wandered back to the canal area. The markets were out again and with the referendum on Britain leaving the EU approaching (it’s now happened but I’m late with my post) there were people from both camps handing out flyers. I grabbed a drink from a cafe and sat out of the rain, but saw two half naked women who had respectively been painted in the colours of the EU flag and British flag, dancing in the rain to loud music from a boom box type system and embracing, showing their “in” vote.
Again I had a chilled evening, however in the middle of the night, the fire alarm went off. We all evacuated while they checked it out but found it to be a false alarm (probably someone burning toast.

The next morning I had a car hired and I went to explore where my Grandmother had grown up as a child before she moved to Australia, but I’ll make that a separate post.

My last morning in Bristol, was spent taking a street art walking tour of my own. The world famous Bansky is from Bristol so there is some of his work all around the city. Unfortunately some of it had been painted over when I arrived at the site (Google told me where to find it), but thanks to his work, other artists in the area are also inspired to make some awesome street art. I walked for around 6 hours or so before I was completely exhausted and was a good hour and a bit walk away from my hostel so I found a train back.

If you don’t like street art, some of these photos will likely be very boring. Many of the photos are of street art that I found around the town! I’ve realised how much I like good street art while on my travels, and it’s something I’ve grown to appreciate during my time away.


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