Glasgow, Scotland – United Kingdom

Arriving in Glasgow, I checked in and walked only a few minutes away to meet up with a lovely friend, David, whom I had met on my Topdeck tour around Europe in February. He’s a local Glasweigan and was happy to show me the sights!
We walked through his old university, and as I looked from the main courtyard through the arches, I was stunned to see the sword fighting club in practice! I repeat, Sword fighting club!

We walked all around the west end, along the river, and had a look around the ship behind the transport museum, which is now docked but was once a grand ship of voyages.
We continued walking around and went to Brew Dog for a cider, then on to another bar in the lanes for another drink. Here I tried the famous Scottish whiskey, which I can’t say will go to the top of my list of beverages, but when in Scotland, one must have a whiskey. The bar had some hilarious fondue night rules which they have once a week, so I took a snap. While in this bar, our “trip song” from the trip we did together (which is rarely played these days) came on and we thought it uncanny, so we took a selfie to freeze the moment in time.
From here, feeling a little tipsy, we went to the old pub where Billy Connolly used to hang out, and had a good pub dinner.

We called it a night and after a good nights rest we met again the following morning. I was in search of an art piece that Danni had set me the task of finding and funnily enough, it was under the bridge of my closest rail station. I snapped it and some other street art pieces before grabbing a quick bite and heading to the kelvin grove museum for most of the day. There was an organ recital that played part way through, but I saw a number of displays from Scottish history, to Egyptian displays, dinosaurs, and different taxidermy animals, including the famous ‘haggis’ (it’s good to see the Scottish can have a laugh about that one)! I saw a lot of art work from different artists and periods, including some aboriginal art, and the only known Torres Strait Islander totem poles known to be in existence. Why on earth Scotland has them and not our beautiful home in Australia or even on the Torres Strait Islands themselves is beyond me. It was beautiful to see, but it doesn’t belong here.

After having enough of the museum for one day, and with rumbling bellies, we set off in search of a cafe with a gluten free cake and around 6 Cafes later, we were in luck! With a hot chocolate and cake satisfying our grumbly tummies, we headed into the centre of town
Here we wandered and I saw the famous statue with the traffic cone on his head. It is said that people started it as a joke, as he had to wear his “hat”. Obviously council didn’t want the “hat” there so they took it down. However his hat kept reappearing and conceding defeat and deciding it’s safer for patrons not to climb the statue to dress him, decided to leave the cone hat on the statue. Occasionally the horse gets a hat too, although he wasn’t wearing his orange attire today.

From there we went around the corner to the town square where the rainbow flag flew at half mast, and a vigil for the Orlando massacre (which occurred the night before) was beginning. We joined the vigil, and listened to the sombre sound of bagpipes as we lit a candle in honour of the lives lost. People continued to gather and some spoke but we could not hear them, so we stood in silence. There were hundreds of us, standing in silence. The GLBTQIA community and their allies stood proud, stood strong, and I was glad to be a part of it.

Afterwards, we finished off the evening with some dinner and said our goodbyes.
It was a lovely couple of days spent with a lovely friend!

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