Stonehenge, and Moving to London – U.K.

After Greece I headed to London:

It’s only been a few days but I’ve been a busy bee!
On Monday I had a private access tour booked to go to Stonehenge. We started off the day by going down to Avebury, which has one of the largest (widest) stone circles in England that still has standing remnants. They have tried to recreate much of it, and have set a small polished stone (looks a bit like a pointed headstone) in each place an original stone is missing. The original stones that are there are a mixture of ones that have always stood, and some that were re-erected from where they fell and lay for a number of years. Here there were some stone circles within stone circles and in the very centre was a small town. There was a henge surrounding it, which is a large embankment to the outside and ditch on the inside of the embankment (the dirt from the ditch makes the embankment on the far side). What this is created for no one really knows exactly.
What it also means is that “Stonehenge” is in fact, not a henge at all!
We explore Avebury and ate lunch here. Just up the road was “West Kennet Long Barrow” which is an old above ground burial chamber at the top of a hill (it looks like a huge mound from the outside) and is the longest of its kind around these parts. Large boulders formed the entrance and inside were 4 chambers, with the rear ones still being bouldered shut.
Then we headed to Stonehenge. We had some time to look at the museum and shop before we went up to the area, through the fences and amongst the stones themselves as the sun began to set. It is really a magical place and I’m so glad I got to experience standing amongst the stones. Thoughts of past ceremonies and rituals when this was created filled my mind at this once extremely sacred site. I closed my eyes and felt the energy of the place as I meditated for a short while.
The following day I met up with an old friend from school who was visiting London. We went to the Tower of London, walked across Tower Bridge, had lunch at the borough markets and had a good catch up overall 🙂
I’ve met some lovely people in the hostel and obviously have more in London to see but since then it’s been all about business, trying to get some work and somewhere to live. I should hopefully have more updates on that soon. Fingers crossed for me!!
It basically wraps up my travel adventures as I settle back in to somewhat of a normal life in a new country.

Thanks for staying tuned for my adventure friends! ✌🏼

N.B: After this post I found a share house to move in to, down in Morden. I signed on with various agencies to get me into some temp work and after another 3 weeks or so I secured a month long assignment. I then continued to travel some of England once every few weekends, before being offered entry into my next (and final) Auslan interpreting course back home in Sydney in addition to being offered my job back early to coincide with the start date of the course. It was a difficult decision and I was torn but I accepted. I had a few other temp jobs and met some lovely people, then wrapped up my time in London to travel for another month before coming home. So my next posts are about my adventures travelling, and my final post will be about my 3 months of living in London as an extensive recap.

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