Brighton – England (United Kingdom)

My weekend in Brighton was amazing! I love the energy of the place! Such a diverse and welcoming community, and by the gorgeous seaside!
There is a mixture of old and new, gay and straight, rich and poor.

When I arrived I checked in to the hostel and doing the traveller thing, befriended another hostel stayer. We grabbed a cheap dinner by the seaside.

On the walk to and from the restaurant, I noticed a lot of homeless people…. more than usual. I also noticed unfortunately, that they were actually living up to the negative drug addicted/ alcoholic stereotype of homeless people that causes so much judgement about people on the streets. It was sad to see that being so prevalent. I do wonder if we as travellers flocking to the “party town” and partying until the wee hours of the morning has some kind of negative influence on these people, whether we are actually the catalysts that encourage this behaviour? I will never know the answer but I do know that more needs to be done. The next morning I saw a tribute against a large monument on the Main Street. Remembering the homeless who have lost their lives on the streets.

Moving on from that, I walked down by the seaside. The sun was shining and peering out from behind the clouds that came and went. I could see the infamous Brighton Pier, the carousel on the beach, the deck chairs, the oversized seagulls, and the remains of the west pier that burnt down in 2003. I couldn’t help but smile. I ate breakfast by the seaside and met up with a lovely friend of a friend who showed me around the town. She is Deaf and uses BSL to communicate, but she knew a little Auslan and I picked up a few BSL differences as I went along. We explored the touristy areas along the pier, and the Pavillion, and the markets in the lanes. She also showed me some back streets with amazing street art and quirky cafes. We met a few more of her friends (most of whom were Irish and we then had a mix of ISL, BSL and Auslan in the mix). We all went for lunch and all spent the day together chatting and laughing. I discovered that a “99” is actually a soft serve ice cream with a flake and it was delicious and creamy, not like soft serve in Aus. A storm brewed out to sea and rolled in for a couple of hours and we retreated to a pub where we had a drink, a laugh, and a few games of jenga. As the sun set we laughed at stag and hens parties that roared past our restaurant window as we ate dinner. I was almost certain a stag was about to get thrown in the fountain at one point, but the 6-8 fellas who had lifted him just pushed him up against the roof of the walkway instead.
I finished off the night with one more drink with Lulu and made it home just before my coach was turning into a pumpkin. I was glad I can sleep well as the walls were thin in my hostel, and the windows were thin too so I could hear the partygoers on the street as I drifted off to sleep and well into the ealry hours of the morning after the sun had risen.

The next day, 5 of us from the hostel went to breakfast and then on to the pier. It was the most gorgeous day with barely a cloud in the sky! The sun was warm and the ocean was so lovely. We bought ourselves an unlimited carnival rides pass for £20 and made sure we got our money’s worth, making our way around every ride (some multiple times). We went up and down, around in circles, upside down some 40m in the air, in dark horror houses and soaking wet on log rides. We had a few incidents with one broken handbag on the helter skelter (including some lost items), a newly bought personal keyring slipping out of hands and through the crack of the pier into the ocean, and a busted up knuckle from a mechanical bull. I was pleased to say that I personally managed to avoid all of that! As 5 of us dwindled down to 2, we went back to the hostel and met another 2 lovely ladies, then went out for cake by the sea, a final few rides at sunset on the pier, and an epic search for a restaurant that could accommodate us with no booking on a long weekend. 6 or 7 restaurants later and we found ourselves eating Greek from one of the restaurants in the infamous “lanes”.

I finished off my final morning in Brighton with an unfortunate incident of my own! Upon completion of showering, the shower head had a disagreement with my face and now I have a black eye and will get a wicked scar! It bled for ages but I iced it and washed it with saline and I should be fine 😉 The 4 of us left in the hostel all went to breakky together before jumping on the same train to head home.
All in all, I love Brighton. The seaside, the community, the food, the lanes, the energy of the place and the friends and memories I have made there. I hope that I can visit again one day. Until then, peace out Brighton ✌🏼❤️

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