Salzburg, Vienna – Austria

Austria Part One:
We left the lovely Italy to head north into Austria. The lunch stop had waitresses in traditional green/ checkered gowns and clogs. A couple even had the hats! I don’t know a word of German and so communicating here is a little more difficult.
We arrived in Salzberg and went on a walking tour.

I saw a few of the sites that “The sound of music” was filmed, some churches, a creepy statue called “the Angel of death”, the love-lock bridge of Salzburg (there’s one in most cities we’ve been to, but the views from this bridge in particular were amazing) followed by a trip up to the castle standing atop the hill. I explored the castle and there was a magnificent view from the top.On one of the bridges in town, was a memorial for the Austrians who were held in concentration camps around the area in WWII.

We went to a bar that still reeks of the cigarettes they smoke inside everywhere in Austria, and also had a couple of dogs hanging about too. I love that the dogs are welcomed everywhere 😊🐶.

Dinner was followed by a delicious (and cheap) cocktail of which the contents I’m not entirely sure but involved some form of baileys, milk, chocolate and 3 other unknown ingredients 🍸yum!

Today was my ski day, heading out to the slopes to do a beginners course in skiing. Having never been on skis before in my life, the instructor was very welcomed. We skied all day, and for the most part I stayed upright ! Although I’m not sure I’ll be walking tomorrow- learning to ski is comparable to a heavy leg day at the gym.
The water forming the rivers is pure and fresh from the mountains and is the clearest water I’ve seen in my life! Such stunning beauty all around this place. Simply gorgeous!
We had dinner in a restaurant that had once been an old monks monastery and am tucking myself into bed now to carry on to Vienna tomorrow.

Austria Part Two:

Vienna was a brief one night stop.

We stopped off at a Hungarian palace that the Hazburgs used to use as their holiday retreat, which was absolutely enormous. The back gardens had: gardens, fountains, endless statues, a full size maze, a monument atop a hill, a children’s playground, a number of other things Ive forgotten about, and a zoo (which for moral reasons I wouldnt go near anyway)!!!
I’ve seen quite a few palaces on this trip so far, but I think this would be the largest to date.
As we got into the town of Vienna we did a driving tour to see the local sights.
I had a fancy 3 course dinner followed by a show by the Viennese orchestra (including some dancing/ waltzing, and arias by opera singers) playing Mozart, Strauss and the like. Vienna was over and done with too quickly!



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