Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Switzerland: it was beautiful. Again, it was similar views to Norway. Stunning snow capped mountains that took my breath away.Our hotel/hostel was a cabin type setting, on the top of a small hill. It was surrounded my mountains on one side, and over the other side of the small town, Europes tallest free falling waterfall could be seen.

Due to a bad overnight storm, my helicopter skydive over the alps was cancelled. I was disappointed to say the least. With the cold and bad weather we stayed in doors the first night. I was well behaved while I wrote up a job application before I joined in the fun, and saw my fellow Topdeck crew get what was for the rest of the trip referred to as “Switzerland Drunk”. It was the peak of alcoholic mayhem starting with playing”3 man”, playing Never have I ever when Richard (our trip leader) wasn’t looking, cards against humanity, any other drinking game we knew of, laughing, dancing, getting slapped (special mention to Korina for that one), sperm shots (don’t worry Mum, that’s just an alcohol) and the end results being girls dragging themselves along the mens bathroom floor to throw up (it was closer than the ladies), getting locked out of rooms, or forgetting which room they were in all together! It was around this time that Kearneys idea for us to all get topless in the snow was actually being taken on board instead of being dismissed!

The next day with sore heads but an eager spirit, as a consolation for our cancelled activities we went to Murren as a big group and basically had a “fun” day.
We went ice skating and found a toboggan type kids sleigh for the ice which we pushed each other around on, stacks on, made a train of people like a slippery conga line with, and generally had a blast. A few of the guys played around with hockey sticks, and we saw a few of us stack it on our ass. Afterwards, we had a group lunch together, and then I built my first snow man (yes I had made it to 27 without building a snow man), and I rode a toboggan down the hill! Toboggans are hard to control and it could have ended badly but I was fortunate enough to escape unharmed – or more importantly – other people were unharmed too!

The topless photos mentioned the night before arose again, and by evening, most of the women were partaking. We got a group photo in front of the Topdeck bus, and the guys who were taking the snaps / holding torches on us had grins from ear to ear! We got photos together and individually and I got one with that tall waterfall in the background (sorry Mum)!

The evening was spent drinking, dancing and bonding once more and was almost as equally as messy as the previous night. These couple of days in Switzerland really cemented our friendships together with coming together with nowhere really to go and just being able to relax and have fun!

Each place seems as though we don’t have enough time to do anything and it’s crazy, but I love it. I’m loving every minute of this trip


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